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Atherton 236
Menlo Park 139
Palo Alto 100
Woodside 79
Los Altos Hills 75
Los Gatos 72
San Jose 70
Los Altos 59
Saratoga 50
Portola Valley 25
Redwood City 25
San Mateo 24
Monte Sereno 22
San Francisco 20
Hillsborough 18
San Carlos 18
Belmont 12
Sunnyvale 11
Cupertino 10
Burlingame 7

At Flury Bryant Design Group we are committed to making the construction experience a positive one for our clients. We have successfully completed multiple projects in virtually every community on the Peninsula and in the South Bay, and we have a working knowledge of the rules, regulations, and procedures that govern the residential construction process in each. To the right is a partial list of the jurisdictions in which we have worked, followed by the number of projects in each.

We are committed to creating beautiful living environments for our clients, reflecting their unique needs and desires, while enhancing the overall character of their community and enriching the environment.

Over the past thirty-five years, Flury Bryant Design Group, originally doing business as The Bob Flury Design Group, has been commissioned to design and detail over 1,250 residential projects, ranging in size from small remodels and additions to large estate properties with multiple buildings. We work with a large group of consultants and builders, giving us the capability of handling all aspects of a project, from conception and budget-building, through site development, architectural and structural detail development, interior architecture and detailing, and ultimately, completed construction.

Our preferred approach to preparation of our construction documents is unusual, in that we prefer to prepare all of the structural drawings ourselves, creating a set of documents that integrates the structural detailing with the architectural in a seamless, user-friendly fashion.

Our design work is always sensitive to the specific needs and wishes of our clients. We listen to their goals, making the accomplishment of these goals our top priority.

Our staff has had extensive experience working with the Planning and Building Departments of literally every municipality in the area. We know what it takes to get projects approved. If we don’t have the answers to your zoning and building questions, we know who to contact at City Hall to get the answers.

Whether your preference is timeless, traditional design, state-of-the-art contemporary architecture, or seamless blending of new construction to existing, our staff of dedicated professionals has the resources and the passion to create an environment designed around your tastes, personality, and dreams, with the specific purpose of enhancing your lifestyle.


Flury Bryant Design Group aspires to be the local industry leader, providing architectural services to the local custom residential market. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of service-oriented project management, the finest personalized design in the industry, and undisputed value for every dollar spent.

To achieve these goals, our design solutions tend to continuously evolve from initial conceptualization, through completed construction documents and often through the construction process. There is rarely a point in the process where we “complete” the design and move on to detailing.

Through the years, this approach has resulted in a level of design and client satisfaction far above industry standards. Our clients, many of whom are extremely gifted designers and innovators in their own fields, tend to be very proactive throughout the design process. We encourage our clients to participate with us at this level in the hope that they will achieve the same level of affinity for their project that we strive for.


Flury Bryant Design Group is a residential design firm aimed at providing homeowners throughout Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz Counties, and beyond, with integrated, comprehensive, and creative architectural design services for both remodel projects and new homes. By partnering with consultants and builders that share our passion for excellence, our goal is to consistently deliver finished projects that far exceed client expectations, as well industry and local standards.

We strive to train our staff members in the artistic tradition of the design professions, as well as the latest state-of-the-art technology, with the ambition of providing our clients with sophisticated and innovative design solutions presented in artistic, easy to understand formats. We endeavor to form partnerships with our clients, our employees, consultants, and the communities we help to shape, resulting in beautiful homes that exude pride and add value.

Our goal is to become the regionally recognized industry leader, experiencing moderate growth and annual profitability, while bringing excitement, fun, and integrity to the home-building and remodeling experience.


Design Programming

Before design work can begin in earnest, a written program for the project is developed. This program describes, in as much detail as possible, the client’s architectural and functional objectives, as well as the overall project scope.

Some of our clients come to us having already developed a design program, while others merely have general objectives in mind. Our staff can work with clients to fully develop their written program in either case.

Code/Zoning Research

Before the design for any project can be developed, the rules governing the development must be thoroughly researched, on a site-specific basis, and understood. In recent years these regulations have become increasingly more complex, and can vary dramatically from one jurisdiction to the next.

Documentation of Existing Conditions

Whether remodeling or building a new home, the existing conditions at the project site must be carefully documented in order to approach the design process intelligently.

In the case of a new home, this documentation consists of a topography map and property line survey, showing the physical characteristics, recorded property lines and any easements. This work is contracted to a qualified surveyor or civil engineering consultant.

In the case of a remodel, “as-built” plans, based on carefully collected measurements, must be drafted before design work can begin. This work is done by the staff of Flury Bryant Design Group.

Schematic Design

Once the design program has been established and the regulations governing the development of the project are established, the design process begins. During the Schematic Design Phase, broad-brush planning and design directions are explored in a very preliminary fashion. Potential solutions are presented for further discussion and critique by the client.

Design Development

Once a schematic direction has been determined, the Design Development Phase is initiated. During this phase, the design is further developed through the generation of more formal drawings. Typically, these drawings will consist of site, floor, and roof plans, and exterior elevations indicating material selections and building masses.

Aside from providing a vehicle to further study and understand the design, these drawings are typically used by prospective builders to develop a preliminary construction budget for the project, and eventually become part of the drawing package necessary to obtain any required preliminary design approval from the governing municipality.

Depending largely on the scope of a project, the approval process in many jurisdictions may include a formal design review hearing, often consisting of a public forum where neighborhood input is solicited. The specific submittal requirements vary from one municipality to another, and may include participation by other members of the design team, such as a civil or geotechnical engineer, and a landscape architect.

Construction Documents

The construction documents for any project contain all of the details required for a building permit application and, ultimately, for construction. Depending on the scope of the project, a team of consultants is assembled and orchestrated by our staff to prepare supporting documents for those drawings prepared by Flury Bryant Design Group, such as soils reports, structural calculations, energy calculations, etc.

Plan-Check Phase

Once a completed building permit application has been submitted with all of the required documentation, the Planning and Building Departments of the municipality having jurisdiction will review the documents for building code and zoning ordinance compliance, as well as general content and coordination across the various disciplines. This review will often involve other departments and agencies such as the Fire Department, Public Works, the Engineering Department, the local school district, etc. This typically results in a list of comments that must be addressed by the design team before a building permit can be issued.

Once these comments have been satisfactorily addressed, the building permit is issued, and construction can begin.

Construction Administration

During the construction phase of the project, Flury Bryant Design Group staff is available to provide support services at whatever level is appropriate. Generally, larger projects will require more support than smaller ones. However, since each project has its own unique set of circumstances, this is evaluated on a project by project basis.


Bob Flury

Bob Flury is one of those lucky people who never had to worry about what career path he would follow. As a child, he would draw elaborate pictures of houses, complete with floor plans and elevations. He knew that one day he would earn his living following his passion for home design.

After studying architecture at West Valley College in Saratoga for two years, he sought employment in the local architectural community, working in a variety of specialties ranging from steel and concrete detailing, retail storefront design, commercial/industrial design, construction management, and, of course, home design.

In 1979 he launched The Bob Flury Design Group. Since then, he has managed the design and construction of over seventeen hundred fifty residential projects, and is still going strong!

Bob is married, with four grown children, and enjoys music and spending time at his beach retreat in Brookings, Oregon.

Bob Bryant

Bob Bryant has been involved in residential construction since 1976. He spent eight years as a carpenter, followed by five years as a construction project manager and, over the course of seventeen years provided design and detailing services on a variety of residential projects throughout the Bay Area. During that time, he created and managed the architectural department for a leading remodeling contractor in the South Bay.

Bob joined The Bob Flury Design Group in 1993 as a senior draftsman. He became a partner in conjunction with the firm’s incorporation in 2005, thereby forming Flury Bryant Design Group, Inc.

Bob is married and has three daughters. He enjoys golf, the sea, and he gets a great deal of satisfaction from being part of a team making contributions to the Bay Area’s architectural landscape.

Mike Pursell

Mike’s passion for architecture was sparked when, as a young boy, his grandmother gave him an art set with floor plans and perspective views of houses and other buildings. He pursued his interest in creating architectural drawings through his high school years where he developed CAD drafting skills and went on to compete and win in local and statewide drafting competitions.

Mike has since gone on to apply his superior drafting skills to a variety of projects and disciplines ranging from residential architecture to electrical, plumbing, and mechanical engineering. He joined our team in 2004. His past experience working with software engineers and computer programmers has made him an invaluable asset to Flury Bryant Design Group as we work to continually upgrade our CAD-based drafting technology.

Mike is married, with two children, and enjoys spending his free time on family bicycling outings and riding at the BMX track.

Dean Blankenbiller

Dean joined the Flury Bryant Design Group in 2013 following fifteen years as a design/build general contractor in the Sacramento foothills of California. He brings a tremendous amount of CAD design and drafting experience to our group, as well as many years of hands-on construction experience building new homes as well as remodel projects.

In addition to his passion for fine home design and construction, Dean enjoys making music and designing and building custom guitars, and is a member of the Northern California Luthier Association.

Dean is married, with three children and five grandchildren.

Albert Alfonso

Prior to joining Flury Bryant Design Group in 2013, Albert spent 21 years gaining experience in the field of architecture in numerous bay area architectural and structural engineering firms, as well as international firms in Saudi Arabia. His skills include both CAD and hand-drafting techniques, as well as 3-D modeling.

Albert received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree in the Philippines in 1992. He is married, with three children, and is an avid San Francisco Giants fan.

Todd Bayless

Todd is a licensed architect and joined Flury Bryant design group in 2017 bringing with him over 12 years of experience in the fields of architecture, construction and design. This includes over five years in restaurant design, four years in commercial design and brief stints in both furniture design and MEP engineering.

Todd’s father is a residential developer and his brother would go on to become a structural engineer. So growing up he was always around construction and wanted to be an engineer himself. But while studying at UC Davis, Todd discovered that architecture perfectly balanced his creative side with his engineering side.

Todd is married and has one dog. He enjoys disc golf, backpacking, board games, and going to A’s or Warrior’s games.

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